Individual Taxes (Tax Preparer in New York)


Tax Payment is a highly complicated process, especially for people who are thoroughly confused about tax return preparation. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is best to engage the professional services of a Tax Preparer in New York. Choosing a tax professional is another challenge, but a little research can help you identify a well qualified, trained and highly experienced tax professional who can help you submit your tax returns on time. At Harry CPA Tax Office, you will get real help from a highly expert tax professional, with complete dedication and commitment to help people file their income tax returns.

Service Request Form

Tax Payer




Other Documents

Documents Required

  • Copies of Identification Cards of Taxpayer(s)
  • Copies of Social Security Cards of Dependents
  • Copies of Birth Certificate for all Dependents

Simple return fee starts from $80 dollars, the Tax prep fee will vary with the number of forms. For more information contact our representative at:

  • (800) 895-0120
  • (800) 684-0477